The Playbook

Sep 09, 2022

The Playbook - Nuutjob

We have all heard of the tales of Master Barney Stinson. He was a revolutionary man who had a play for just about anything in his life. He was the founder of the holy book known to mankind as, ‘The Playbook’. It serves as a guide for young men to woo their women. It’s a step by step play to help win their hearts and more. Countless victories to mankind were possible due to Master’s teachings.  And We have come across a Never-Before-Seen play that is going to boggle your mind.  Are you ready for it? Here we go! 


Step 1: You go to a bar and find your pick. 

Step 2:  You buy them a drink of their choice.

Step 3: You woo them with a compliment or two. 

Step 4: They either walk away or take you away. 

Step 5: Stop waiting for them to make the move.  

Step 6: Time to be ballsy, and get our NuutJob out. 

Step 7: Grab em, spray em, and feel Legen-wait-for-it-dary. 

Step 8: You got them to take a knee ;) 

Now that you have the most awesome ‘Play’ ever known, we want you to kill it on your next date. The play may sound fictional, but our promise to keep you going hard isn’t. Use it well Balls!