Sex and Hygiene

Sep 09, 2022

Sex and Hygiene - Nuutjob

Using the S word has such a societal and cultural implication. It’s a topic one actively tries to avoid. To talk about it is one thing, but it’s not like we’re going to avoid putting it in action. How else can you justify our infinite-reaching population? Hence, someone’s got take the ball in their hands to preach safe measures. Don’t worry! It’s not going to be a birds and the bees talk for y’all. 

To get basic over here, sexual hygiene refers to cleanliness-oriented behaviours while engaging prior and after the act of sexual intercourse. It is needless to say boys that keeping our intimates clean is much important to us. I apologise for taking you down a dark memory lane, but remember how it feels like when we get a rash in and around our stash? Spreading legs has never been more of a relief to us, isn’t it? Well imagine, if you find that partner you’ve been looking for and you can’t even manage to walk towards her without it looking funny? That’s a wrap on all our romantic desires.

Rashes is just the tip of the iceberg here. There are numerous conditions or infections that may develop due to lack of awareness and laziness. So, taking a shower and cupping your hands to splash some water isn’t going to be enough. We’ve got to give women our salute when it comes to this. What we find as a waste of time isn’t true as the research that goes into selecting products for their skincare is astonishing. Likewise, using intimate sprays, washes is just as important for us so we don’t walk around funny anymore. To be honest, it gives us the instant courage to approach anyone we seek or desire. And you know what boys? Taking care of our boys may lead to someone else doing the deed soon ;)