Non-cliché gifting ideas for this year’s Valentine’s

Feb 07, 2023

Non-cliché gifting ideas for this year’s Valentine’s - Nuutjob

Ah-ha! Is it that time of the year again? When the atmosphere breathes love and cupid in place of oxygen? We also think it is a time for endless opportunities – For you to either game up and get a chance with someone you’ve always wanted or to get downright close and personal with your significant other. 


Are you brainstorming gifting ideas day and night but cannot arrive at a decision? We have some amazing non-cliché gifting solutions for your partner, which you never thought of! Trust us when we say this, these are also some gifts you should swear by for yourself this Valentine’s.
We bet you don’t want to risk getting too close without keeping your intimate hygiene in check 😉



1.  NuutWash All-In-One Cleanser

This all-in-one cleanser is a revolutionary product that is meant for his body, hair, nut and butt. Indian weather brings sweat, dirt and all things nasty. Lather the nuts, butt, body, and hair in an invigorating activated charcoal body wash featuring essential oils and natural plant extracts, that are gentle on the genitals. NuutWash is all-inclusive of a shampoo, shower gel and an intimate wash, and enough to keep you fresh all day. So, buy one product instead of multiple others.


  1. NuutGuard Lotion

    A unique product, specially designed to take care of the man business. It is made as a liquid powder that leaves a soothing effect for him, keeping Mr Chuck Dickens dry and cool all day. Its mess-free formula and application make sure that the solution is targeted and not just lying idle on the floor, unlike talcum powder which falls off easily. It controls sweat, and deodorizes and moisturizes the skin. NuutGuard prevents odour, drying, and itching, providing comfort and freshness all day.

  2. NuutFresh Sack Spray

    The NuutFresh Sack spray is an ultimate-specially curated Intimate Deo Spray that deals with the odour of intimate region. His most prized possession deserves to smell good, and NuutFresh ensures it. The product has been made with a formula that is meant for a highly sensitive area. It also provides rejuvenation after a high-intensity workout. While other deodorants only counter odour, NuutFresh is meant to keep your man parts fresh, hydrated, moisturised and smelling minty fresh.

Pro tip- Nuutjob also offers an All-in-one combo of NuutWash, NuutGuard and NuutFresh to gift your partner an ultimate three-step intimate hygiene routine to wash-moisturize-deodorize. These everyday products are must-haves to keep the intimates clean, moisturized, and fresh all day. Keep the intimates in perfect health through three simple steps- Wash using the NuutWash, moisturize with the NuutGuard and finally deodorize by spraying the NuutFresh

  1. Nuutclean Dry Wash

    NuutClean Dy wash is a no-rinse intimate dry wash, best to keep the intimates clean, moisturized and free from odour. A quick and effective fix for the modern man, this product eliminates the process of cleansing with water. It is travel-friendly and also a perfect hydrator. In a hurry? Don't have the time to bathe? Drenched in sweat or simply feeling dirty? NuutClean is an effective hasty hygiene routine in a bottle, especially in the lazy winter weather. 

  1. NuutCase Natural Bamboo Underwear

    Nothing speaks comfort as loud as Nuutjob’s NuutCase underwear for men. Made using a fabric that is a perfect match for sensitive skin, this underwear has odour-killing, sweat-resisting and cooling properties. The fabric has the ability to keep the body well-ventilated due to the microscopic holes in the bamboo fibres, which enable breathability. NuutCase underwear is made with a 92% Natural Bamboo fabric 8% Elastane blend that makes sure to go gentle on his genitals.

  1. NuutCologne Solid Perfume

Nuutcologne comes in compact packaging, making this an easy slip into his bags or pockets, with no room for leakages. NuutCologne is an all-natural solid perfume that not only counters bad odour but intensively nourishes the skin. It is portable, affordable and incrediball. Alcohol severely dries up the skin which later causes itching and dryness. NuutCologne has an alcohol-free formula which moisturises and quenches dry skin. NuutCologne will keep him smelling good all day.



TitPit Guard Lotion


We know of the swampy and icky feeling she gets between her body parts.  The TitPit Guard Lotion applies as a soothing cream and dries quickly as a mess-free powder with a satiny finish. It helps in fighting sweat and chafing under the arms, breasts and inner thighs, as well as sweat patches. Through its brightening properties and a skin radiation formula, the TitPit Guard makes sure to treat uneven skin tones, leaving the skin nourished, moisturised and supple.