Committed to Grooming

Sep 09, 2022

Committed to Grooming - Nuutjob

It’s not a secret anymore that our balls need to be just as pampered. Yes, you heard that right. Like you would for your partner, you got to do the same for your sac. Truth be told, they have been there for you longer than anyone has. In your hard and easy times, to be precise.

Now you may ask that,” I do shower, isn’t that enough?” Well it isn’t. Would your partner be happy with just a text? No right? You have got to call them, feed them, and well take them out for walks. Likewise, just splashing water by cupping your hands isn’t satisfactory. Or you may have gotten serious in this relationship enough and taken a step forward by sprinkling talcum powder down there. But I guess it’s time to have the ‘Talk’. More commitment is what they seek. 

Times have changed though. While you reach for the stars and dig around the ends of Earth to achieve your dreams, we would do the same by reaching your cul-de-sac. Nuutjob presents you with a line of products to groom your intimates. You want to remain old school but yet wanting to upgrade your ways? NuutGuard Lotion covers you. You find yourself into spraying much? NuutFresh, our Intimate Sack Spray is all the fragrance you’d ever need. 

So what are you waiting for? Get on this ride with us to keep riding as long as you want without worrying having to scratch, shift or sniff.