Beat the Heat with Nuutjob

Apr 14, 2023

Beat the Heat with Nuutjob - Nuutjob
You know it is summer when the sun is shining brighter, the days are longer, and the sweat is real. When the ads for talcum powder, itch relief cream, and sweat-wicking clothing start to pop up, you know that summer is in full swing. As chirpy as it is, summer also brings with it unbearable humidity and scorching heat!

It can get quite challenging to find the right products that counter streams of sweat, irresistible itching and unpleasant odour (especially in the intimate areas). With a range of specially designed products, Nuutjob has everything you need to stay cool, fresh, and comfortable all summer long as the temperature soars high. Here are some must-haves to stock up on this summer:

NuutGuard Lotion - “The Sweat Stopper”

NuutGuard Lotion is a liquid powder lotion that is specifically formulated to keep you comfortable and dry throughout the day in your intimate area. Unlike talcum powder which tends to fall off easily, this lotion's mess-free formula targets the intended area for optimal performance. It effectively controls sweat, deodorizes, and moisturizes the skin to prevent odour, drying, itching, and chafing. Whether you're a busy professional or an active individual, NuutGuard Lotion is the perfect solution to help you stay fresh and comfortable all day long

NuutFresh Sack Spray - "The Odour Buster"

NuutFresh Sack Spray is an exceptional intimate deodorizing spray that specifically targets the unpleasant odour of the intimate area. During the hot and humid summer season, the intimate region is known to emit an unpleasant smell. That's where NuutFresh comes in! It is designed to cater to this specific need, with a sensitive formula that is gentle on the intimate area and does not sting. While other deodorants and fragrances may mask odour, NuutFresh Sack Spray tackles the root of the problem by neutralizing odour-causing bacteria.

Body Cooler Lotion - "The Cooling Companion"

Summer heat can be uncomfortable and cause excessive sweating. You should always have Body Cooler Lotion in hand to get relief from sweat, heat rashes, and skin irritation. It controls bacterial growth and leaves a cooling effect throughout the day. It is suitable for use on all parts of the body, except the intimate area, keeping you cool and fresh all day long. Unlike talcum powder that falls everywhere, Body Cooler applies as a lotion on your skin and dries as a powdery, satiny finish, thereby making it mess-free.

NuutClean Dry Wash - "The Quick Fix"

NuutClean Dry Wash is a no-rinse intimate dry wash that keeps the intimates clean, moisturized and free from odour. It's a quick fix for maintaining intimate hygiene, especially during summer which requires frequent showers. It is travel-friendly and also a perfect hydrator. In a hurry and do not have the time to bathe? Drenched in sweat or simply feeling dirty? NuutClean is an effective hasty hygiene routine in a bottle, which makes it a very useful summer essential.

TitPit Guard Lotion - "The Chafe Fighter"

We know of the swampy and icky feeling women get between their body parts. TitPit Guard Lotion is a saviour as it helps to control sweating under the arms, breasts and inner thighs. It becomes increasingly difficult for women when chafing happens between the thighs. But this product troubleshoots chafing, ensuring that pencil skirts can be worn without worrying. Sweat patches don’t appear anymore with the TitPit Guard Lotion, giving women all the confidence they need. It is coupled with a skin radiation formula as well. Through its brightening properties, the TitPit Guard makes sure to treat uneven skin tones, leaving the skin nourished, moisturised and supple.